Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

The company Apex Pinnacle Vision is running the business. The terms and conditions with the object of keeping the harmless environment amongst the company and the Business Associates, and to protect the interest of each as under.

Any individual (Age:18 years) can become a Direct Seller of the company’s self-employment programme by taking the package.
The relationship between the company and the applicant is of Direct Seller not of an employee. The applicant will not be entitled to salary, ESI, PF, Gratuity or any other benefits enjoyed by the employee of the company
Minimum 5 Direct Sale are Compulsory for withdrawal
Commission and Awards mentioned in the business plan completely depend on sales done by you and your mentioned team.
We will not be responsible for the delay in Payments in the Case of Wrong Details of your Bank, PayTM Bank, PayTM.
Profile and Banks Details Once Updated & Filled Can Not Be Updated/Modified by Yourself. By Admin can be done for you but it will be chargeable for Each Modification.
Company Reserves The Right to Modify the Term & Condition, Products, Plan, Business Policy to give prior notice through our website. https://pinnaclevision.co.in  and it will be binding on All Distributors and Members.
The company does not authorize any promise made by a Direct Seller trying to recruit him/her, which is not in terms and conditions or official company material, please inform in writing to the company. The company shall conduct a thorough investigation and appropriate action shall be taken on the offending business associate.
If any Direct Seller misguides any person it will not be the responsibility of the company.
The company would not entertain any kind of refund in regard to the payment paid by a Direct Seller under any circumstances what so ever. In the case of the eventuality/death of any Direct Seller, free membership shall be transferred to the nominee.
The company shall not be responsible for brief non-functioning of disruptions on the website due to any technical problems.

All taxes, charges, and deductions to be levied by the government authorities shall be towards the associate account for which the association shall be fully responsible and no claim or obligation would rest whatsoever on the company.

Direct Sellers are strictly warned not to accept/collect any cash payment from any other person on behalf of the Company. If any Direct Seller found indulged into this, then he/she would be terminated from his/her position and/or his/her other closely related family position or any entity controlled by himself/herself immediately and all the pending, forthcoming, as well as on-going incentives with respect to these positions, will be stopped without any notice.

It is mandatory for all the Direct Sellers to visit our website at least once a week to see the recent Changes/Modifications/Updates and seek clarification (if needed).
Any Direct Seller is not permitted to discuss any other matter which is not related to services, while communicating (via any mode) with staff members/employees and is not allowed to take the personal phone numbers/email ids/addresses etc. of staff members/employees for any purposes and not allowed to meet privately with any staff members/employees, violation of this would amount to immediate termination from the Program of the Company
While working with the Company or even after the termination of the agreement/contract as a Direct Seller, you still need to follow all the applicable conditions and you should not divulge the important and secret information pertaining to our Business to anybody either inside the Company or any outsider. In case the management found the misconduct of divulging any information, technical know-how and the secrets of our Business, you will be subjected to severe Legal course of action.

This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties on the subject matter thereof; however, Direct Seller/User understands that any Commitment, Terms, and Conditions, as displayed on the web site of the Company, will be treated as an integral part of this Agreement, which would be binding on both parties. No additional promises, representation, guarantees or Agreements of any kind, shall have any validity concerning the subject matter of this Agreement unless the same is in writing and is agreed upon and signed by an authorized Direct Seller of the Company in hard copy form.
Direct Seller agrees that the latest version of this Agreement, available on the Company’s website, without any modification whatsoever, will be the operative version of this Agreement which would be updated from time to time and any modification of this version of the Agreement by any User/Direct Seller with mollified intent will be liable to be prosecuted under the relevant provision of the law in force. The operative intent of this clause will extend to all terms, conditions and notices, which are ancillary/incidental to this Agreement, including any such Terms and Conditions which may be contained in the Company’s website or in any other website/web page which is also operated by the Company or its affiliate, including any such sites or pages which can be accessed by links contained in the website of the Company.

Any lawsuit or bad propaganda against the Company by any Direct Seller will immediately disallow all pending, forthcoming as well as on-going incentives without any notice.
The only information available at our website related to Company should be given to other Direct Sellers/Guests for the promotion of Business. Any Direct Seller violating this will not be allowed to promote our Business/ anymore and his/her all pending, forthcoming, as well as on-going incentives, will immediately be stopped.

Any Direct Seller must take written permission from the Company to produce/publish any promotional materials such as CDs, VCDs, Books, Audio cassettes etc. for distribution to other Direct Sellers. The developed promotional material such as CDs, VCDs, Books, Audio cassettes etc. by any Direct Seller is only for FREE distribution to other Direct Sellers and it cannot be sold at any price in any circumstances to other Direct Sellers/Guests. Violation of this will attract immediate termination from the business program of the Company; in addition, there will be severe penalties and prosecution under the commercial Law if any violation of Copyright/Trademark patent/Designs Law is found.
Direct Sellers residing outside India are not allowed to earn any incentives within India.
It is the duty of the Direct Seller to provide correct information and follow all the rules of the Company. Also, it is the duty of the Direct Seller to verify all the information given to him by visiting our Company website. The company will not be responsible for any wrong information given by Direct Seller which is accepted without verification. However, if a written complaint against the Direct Seller sends to us about promoting wrong information, this may amount to warning or termination from the Business of that Direct Seller without any compensation subject to verification of the complaint. Any loss occurred to anyone due to wrong information provided by the Direct Seller would be the responsibility of the Direct Sellers. The company will not be responsible if anybody has purchased our product by accepting wrong information, i.e. without verification from the Company website.

Any sale done against the Terms and Conditions of the Company by way of misrepresentation or otherwise solely for the purpose of earning incentives is not allowed and any Legal problem or losses arise due to this will completely be the responsibility of the Direct Seller.
All dispute with regarding Apex Pinnacle Vision Jurisdiction with Delhi Court only.
A Scan copy of the agreement and/or the agreement signed manually/online by signing/clicking the “I AGREE” button shall be treated as an original in all respect
The terms and conditions are read over to me in my vernacular language and by clicking I accept I put my signatures/thumb impressions upon the same.

(B) Shipping &Delivery Policy –
All products, orders are shipped through registered domestic courier companies and /or speed post only. Orders are shipped within 4-5 working days and delivering of the shipment subject to Courier Company/post office norms. The company is not liable for any delay in delivery by the Courier Company / postal authorities and only guarantees to hand over the consignment to the Courier Company or postal authorities within 4-5 working days from the date of the order and payment. Delivery of all orders will be to the registered address of the direct seller and/or buyer. Apex Pinnacle Vision is in no way responsible for any damage to the order while in transit to the direct seller and/or buyer. Delivery of our Products/services will be confirmed on your registered Mobile number/mail ID as specified during registration. For any issues in utilizing our Products/services, you may contact our helpdesk

(C)Refund & Return Policy. –
If you are not satisfied with the products because of any manufacturing defect, you may return it within 30 days from the date of purchase for an exchange/refund as per the terms of the Returns/Exchange Policy. The policy is applicable only for products in marketable condition, accompanied by an original invoice. This policy does not apply to products that have been intentionally damaged, mishandled or misused Important Notes

The Direct Seller must return the product to Apex Pinnacle Vision Office
Period of return for products is calculated as the number of days from the Invoice Date
Condition refers to the condition in which the stock is received back from the Direct Seller as a return. The product can be ‘marketable’ or ‘unmarketable’ depending on the condition of the returned stock as assessed at the office.

(D)Privacy Policy –
Direct Seller hereby agrees that the Company is entitled to ask for personal information, login Id and password etc. at any stage in the course of the use of Product and Services contemplated under this Agreement.
Direct Seller understands that the Company and its chosen service partners may use login Id of the Direct Seller to operate or help to operate sites and services for the purposes of the user or Company, and to inform Direct Seller of any new Features/Services/Products from the Company or its affiliates, including products and services that may be related to the Product and Services contemplated under this Agreement, but are not necessary to its operation.
The Company may disclose such Login Ids/Passwords or any other reference code/number referring to any user or any information provided by any user, if required to do so by any law enforcing authorities or by courts, or in public interest or in good faith when the Company believes that such action is necessary to conform to the requirement of law or to comply with the Legal process or in reply to any notice served upon the Company or to protect and defend any rights of the Company with respect to the Products/Services contemplated under this Agreement or to protect the safety of the users/the Company/the public in extraordinary circumstances.